Cultural facilities

The Toulon Provence Méditerranée Opera House

For the past 150 years, the TPM Opera House, a fine building much loved by residents of the metropolitan area, has continued to attract new and different audiences through a policy of openness and excellence in its lyrical repertoire.

Regional Conservatory for Music and Dance

The TPM Regional Conservatory (CNRR) is a school of music and dance that provides training in music, singing, dance, theatre and circus arts, as well as teaching musical culture. It exists to raise awareness, to train and to provide inspiration, and to open up access to the practice of the arts to the greatest number. Its main task is to attract as many people as possible to the arts and to train musicians, dancers, actors and circus performers in the cultural and technical aspects of their art for their own personal fulfilment or professional development.

Châteauvallon National Centre for Creation and Cultural Dissemination

CNCD Châteauvallon in Ollioules is a centre of creative inspiration and dissemination with a national and even an international reputation, attracting large audiences to its indoor auditorium and outdoor summer theatre. Thanks to this extraordinary outdoor stage, the site is open to the public for 11 months a year. Châteauvallon also attracts some of the leading names in dance, music, theatre and the circus, with artists such as Jacques Gamblin, Philippe Découflé and Joel Pommerat performing or seeing their works staged here. In conjunction with the Théâtre Liberté, the CNCD Châteauvallon is driving the TPM's bid for official recognition as a National Performing Arts Centre.

Théâtre Liberté

Opened on 17 September 2011 before a crowd of 7,000 people gathered on Place de la Liberté, in the very heart of Toulon, the Théâtre Liberté is the latest addition to the region's cultural amenities.        

PôleJeunePublic - Maison des Comoni

The Maison des Comoni in Revest-les-Eaux is home to the PôleJeunePublic youth association and offers a varied and original programme aimed at children, teenagers and families.              

EPCC Ecole Supérieure d'Art TPM

The EPCC Ecole Supérieure d’Art (ESATPM) of the Toulon Provence Méditerranée metropolitan area is an art school within the higher education framework, recognised and approved at national level of the Ministry of Culture and Communication. The school offers three programmes, with admission through a competitive examination open to all holders of the French baccalaureate. Together, ESATPM and the TPM Regional Conservatory (CNRR) form a creative arts hub close to Toulon's city centre.

Villa Noailles

An icon of modern architectural heritage, often better known internationally than on its own doorstep, the Villa Noailles stages cutting-edge events and exhibitions in the worlds of fashion, design, photography and architecture. On a hillside overlooking the historic city centre, with views over the peninsula and out to the Iles d'Hyères, the Villa Noailles is surrounded by splendid gardens. A visit here is always a remarkable journey. 

Villa Tamaris Centre d'Art

The Villa Tamaris, a vast exhibition site noteworthy as much for its architecture as for its programme specialising in figurative painting and contemporary photography, became part of the metropolitan area's cultural infrastructure in 2003. Since then some fifteen exhibitions a year have been held at this stunning site in La Seyne-sur-Mer, overlooking the lovely Lazaret Bay.

Map of TPM cultural facilities