Toulon Grand Projet Rade

The future around the harbour

This is the major planning and sustainable development project for the harbour for the coming decades. It takes in the urban community’s major operations, such as the Technopôle de la Mer (Science park of the Sea), the Axis of the train stations, the Contract for the Bay, Very Fast Broadband,…

The major operations

  • The Technopôle de la Mer (The Marine Techno Park)
  • The harbour facilities and the city / ports interfaces
  • The projects involving the areas Toulon Centre, La Seyne/Brégaillon, La Seyne de l’Espace Grimaud in Bois Sacré, La Seyne/Baie du Lazaret.
  • The development of the Saint-Mandrier Marine Activities Park
  • The Metropolitan Centre / Axis of the Toulon Train Stations
  • The Contract for the Bay for the Toulon Harbour
  • The roadways of the Major Harbour Project
  • The development of maritime connections through an improvement of the maritime offer.
  • Dedicated public transport corridor (TCSP – Transport en Commun en Site Propre)
  • The development of a Very Fast Broadband network as a 100% public initiative within the conurbation


Economic Development, Innovation and Territorial Competitiveness Department

Hôtel de la Communauté d’Agglomération

107, Boulevard Henri Fabre - CS 30536

83041 Toulon Cedex 9