Natural areas

Colle noire

At a height of 294 metres, La Colle Noire is one of the finest lookout points along the Provencal coast, located in the communes of Le Pradet and Carqueiranne.

The 157 hectares of the range of hills (152 hectares in Le Pradet and 5 in Carqueiranne), transferred to TPM management on 1 July 2006, are undergoing a massive programme of rehabilitation and fire prevention works in the wake of the forest fires of August 2005 that swept through almost the entire massif. 

Classed as a ZNIEFF (site of special scientific interest), the massif is managed by a partnership involving the coastal conservation agency (Conservatoire du Littoral), the forestry agency (Office National des Forêts), the communes of Le Pradet and Carqueiranne, and TPM.

This precious green space within the metropolitan area, offering a combination of Mediterranean forest, stunning views and a section of the coastal path, has enormous potential for tourism and a great deal to offer in terms of landscapes and ecology.

The site is open to the public all year round, and is patrolled by TPM eco-wardens to ensure constant management, maintenance and supervision.

With its discovery trail and the Cap Garonne Mining Museum, La Colle Noire hosts numerous awareness-raising events throughout the year, such as the "Walk in the Woods" campaign.

La Colle Noire takes its name from the Provencal "cola négré" (black hill), inspired by its dense forest cover and also in reference to its industrial and military past, which includes the former Cap Garonne copper mine and the small Colle Noire fort (a former lookout post over the Bay of Toulon) built in the style of Vauban.

Key figures

  • 157 hectares of forest
  • Highest point: 294 metres