Arts and crafts

Exploring our arts and crafts

Our craftspeople are heirs to a long tradition that has passed on its skills and secrets from generation to generation.

The region is home to many nationally and internationally famous craft workers, preserving its traditions intact over the centuries yet constantly welcoming incomers with open arms. From Hyères-les-Palmiers to Six-Fours-les-Plages, from Ollioules to Toulon, Le Pradet to La Garde, potters, sculptors, glassmakers, painters, instrument-makers, leatherworkers and woodcarvers will welcome you into their studio all year round.

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Provence is famous for the little figurines that symbolise its culture: the santons or santouns ("little saints" in Provencal), to be found on the stalls and shelves of fairs, markets and shops throughout the region.

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Ollioules was awarded the coveted distinction of "Ville et Métiers d’Art" (city of applied arts) in 1998. As you wander around the mediaeval town centre, you are bound to come across many of the thirty or so arts and crafts studios established here, to be explored at your leisure.