Louis Vuitton America’s Cup World Series Toulon

Groupama Team France

A French team challenging for the America’s Cup!

Groupama Team France was conceived by one man : Franck Cammas. He has won almost every trophy with Groupama since 1998. Until now there’s been one missing from his trophy cupboard : The America’s Cup. Knowing that to launch a competitive America’s Cup project he had to bring together a serious team, develop national unity, and breakdown the barriers between solo adventures and team racing, Franck Cammas called Michel Desjoyeaux and Olivier de Kersauson.
This unique association of three sailors from different generations with an undisputable track record and complementary images also aims to reach out to the widest audience. Michel Desjoyeaux is known for his competency for technological R&D, and his eye for spotting young talent, Olivier de Kersauson attracts media and is a popular figure.
Franck Cammas meanwhile is known for his talent, intelligence and natural leadership which make him the leader of the sports aspects of Groupama Team France.

Together to win

The goal is to win over not only sailing enthusiasts but the whole French population around a project of national pride flying the French coulours. Groupama Team France want to assemble a community of ambassadors around the project, attracting partners and local businesses. This initiative is supported by national officials (French Ministry of Defence, and  the Town, Youth, and Sports Ministry) and institutions (French sailing federation).

Promoting French excellence and a French victory

Groupama Team France want to contribute to the development of a technological and sports sector which would be a showcase for French knowhow and excellence. France produces some of the best sailing engineers who are playing leading roles in the big international teams and is the second maritime region in the world. However, a French team has never won the America’s Cup. Groupama Team France want to change that.

Groupama Team France’s boats


The one-design catamaran used for LVACWS in 2015 – 2016. Rules forbid the teams to sail on the AC45 for 30 days before a LVACWS event. This means there are very few training periods on these flying boats.


The AC45 Turbo will be built under Groupama Team France’s supervision and launched in June 2016. It will provide Groupama Team France with a high-performance training basis, which will be as close as possible to the official America’s Cup boat.


To make this boat the design office will be re-using some of the structure and equipment from the AC45 Turbo. The AC50 will be launched in December 2016. The AC50 will be the official boat for the 2017 America’s Cup in Bermuda.


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