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Mont Faron

Since the transfer of its management on 1 July 2005, the Mont Faron nature reserve, one of the region's largest green spaces, provides a range of activities for the public in an unspoiled natural setting.

Mont Faron, height 584 metres, may not be the highest but is certainly the most famous of the mountains around Toulon; its 400-hectare forest, managed by the Office National des Forêts (ONF) forestry agency, offers a wide range of nature and leisure activities just a few kilometres from the city centre, accessed by road and cable car. 

TPM has set itself the target of making the site accessible by public transport and of developing and protecting an asset of major importance to tourism in the metropolitan area.

Designated a site of community interest in 2005, Mont Faron has also been listed under the Landscape Act since 1 February 1991. In September 2006, a management partnership was set up, comprising the City of Toulon, the ONF, the REDIF company and TPM. A consultation meeting was held in October 2006, attended by 100 participants, to agree on 100 proposals divided between six themed workshops.

The aims of the partnership structure comprising all the institutions and associations involved in the management of the site are the following:

  •     Bringing together and mobilising all those concerned in the life of the Mont Faron massif
  •     Uniting the partners on how best to protect and develop the massif
  •     Protecting, managing and developing the Mont Faron massif with a view to sustainable development
  •     Communicating to the entire population of the metropolitan area

On a day-to-day basis, the ONF ensures basic maintenance of the site under an agreement with the metropolitan area. This involves all basic forestry tasks such as felling any trees posing a hazard, treating against the depredations of the processionary caterpillar and bark beetle, maintaining forest tracks, etc.

The name Faron comes from "faro", which means lighthouse in Provencal.

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Highest point: 584 metres

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