Provençal markets

The scents and savours of Provence

Explore the famous markets of Provence, held throughout the year in the Toulon Provence Méditerranée area.

The traditional street markets, an explosion of colours, smells and flavours, are the essence and the charm of Provence. Stroll around any of the markets and let yourself be tempted by the displays laid out on the brightly-coloured stalls: baskets of apricots, local cheeses, olive oil from the nearby mill or a bunch of basil to add a special zest to your salad. And remember to try some of the distinctive specialities of the South of France: anchoïade (anchovy purée), tapenade, aïoli sauce, etc.


  • Marché des Iles d’Or:  Saturday morning
  • Farmers' market, Place Massillon: every morning
  • Place République: Tuesday and Thursday morning
  • Avenue Gambetta: Saturday morning
  • Place de la Vicomtesse de Noailles: Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday morning, organic food market
  • Place Gambetta: Thursday, organic food market

La Crau

  • Town centre: Wednesday and Sunday morning
  • Farmers' cooperative market: Saturday morning


Town centre: Thursday morning

Le Pradet

  • Place Général de Gaulle: Friday
  • Farmers' market, Place de la Libération: Tuesday and Saturday morning
  • La Garonne (in summer): Sunday morning
  • Farmers' market, Rue de la Libération (on the same square as the wine cooperative): Tuesday and Saturday morning

La Garde

Place de la République: Tuesday, Friday and Saturday morning

La Valette-du-Var

Place Général de Gaulle: Monday morning

Le Revest-les-Eaux

Place Meiffret: Saturday morning


  • Cours Lafayette: every morning
  • Cours Paul Lendrin, local farmers' market: Friday and Saturday morning
  • Le Mourillon, Place Bazeilles: every morning except Monday
  • Le Mourillon, Place Dupuy de Lôme: Friday morning, organic food market
  • Le Pont du Las, Place Martin Bidouré: every morning except Monday
  • Saint-Jean du Var, Place de Saint Jean du Var: Friday morning
  • Brunet, Place Fiegenschuh: Tuesday morning

La Seyne-sur-Mer

  • Cours Louis Blanc: every morning, and an organic food market on Monday morning
  • Les Sablettes, Place Lalo: every morning except Monday


Place Jean-Jaurès: Thursday and Saturday morning


  • Town centre: every morning
  • Le Brusc: Thursday morning
  • Les Lônes: Sunday morning


  • Pin Rolland: Wednesday morning
  • Place des Résistants: Saturday morning

Find full information on the websites of TPM communes and tourist offices.


A Provencal cookery tip: to add fragrance and savour to your cooking, remember to add a sprinkling of Herbes de Provence, that delicious blend of thyme, rosemary, savory and basil that sings of the South of France and will add its distinctive note to all your recipes.



Serves 6 - 8

  • 200 g flesh of black olives,
  • 50 g anchovy fillets,
  • 50 g tuna marinated in oil,
  • 100 g pickled capers,
  • 1 to 2 spoonfuls of olive oil.

Crush together in the mortar to form a fine paste. Add the olive oil at the last minute.

Not to be missed

As you stroll around the marketplaces of Provence, take time out to taste a Cade toulonnaise. This speciality of Toulon (as its name suggests!) consists of a large, fine pancake made from chickpea flour and cooked on big round beaten copper platters in a pizza oven until golden brown in colour.