Natural areas

Domaine de La Ripelle

The estate of La Ripelle, once a large farm, extends across the boundaries of two communes, La Valette-du-Var and Revest-les-Eaux, in a valley between the peaks of Mont Combe and Mont Faron.

The 78 hectare estate, jumping-off point for the Las valley greenway, consists of a set of buildings owned by the département, an olive grove and the small terraced plots known locally as restanques. Whilst awaiting a management plan to develop the site and open it up to the public, TPM (owner of the estate) has started up a number of work experience schemes to clear the undergrowth, prune and maintain the olive trees and restore the restanques. The schemes, which are run by two local associations, Le Regain and Les Amis du Coudon, form part of the local plan for insertion and employment (PLIE TPM).

In 2007, Le Paddock riding school took up its quarters on the estate.

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