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Driving licence grants: over 500 beneficiaries already!

Not having a driving licence can be an obstacle to finding a job or a training course. The TPM metropolitan area operates a number of schemes to help residents in financial difficulty find the funding necessary to pass the driving test.

As part of its responsibilities in terms of urban policy and promoting employment, the Toulon Provence Méditerranée metropolitan area set up the TPM Driving Licence scheme in 2010 to provide joint financing to help jobseekers registered with local Job Centres or municipal Employment Offices to get a driving licence. Getting a driving licence (lessons, cost of the test, etc.) costs an average of €1,300 – a considerable sum for someone who is out of work or on a low income.  

The initiative is specially designed to promote integration into the world of work for its target population, for whom the lack of a driving licence can be a real obstacle to finding or keeping a job, or to accessing training.

Since 2012, the initiative has been expanded to include issuing newly qualified drivers with a "good driver" mobility kit consisting of all the necessary equipment (high-visibility jackets, warning triangle, blue parking disc, etc.) plus tips on fuel-efficient driving, road safety, etc.

The aim of the overall initiative is thus to boost the employability of jobseekers by giving future drivers the best possible chance of both finding work and staying safe on the roads. The scheme is operated by all the twelve TPM communes, covering the entire population of the metropolitan area, in partnership with over 55 driving schools and agencies working with jobseekers, which direct potential candidates to the TPM scheme.

With effect from 2013, the Avie Cap Emploi agency and PLIE TPM referral centres have also joined the scheme.

The funding provided by the TPM supplements a series of schemes in operation throughout the metropolitan area by communes or other institutions. Six communes currently offer grants – known as driving licence grants – which can only be used singly, not in conjunction with other grants. 

Are you looking for a job that requires you to hold a driving licence you don't yet have? We can help you with the financing. 

Key figures

  • 520 people have received a grant from the Toulon Provence Méditerranée metropolitan area since the scheme was introduced in 2010.
  • Close on €230,000 paid directly to driving schools.
  • More than 70 "good driver" mobility kits handed out to newly qualified drivers.
  • In 2011, 58% of beneficiaries got their driving licence and half of them also succeeded in finding employment (short-term, permanent or other contracts). 


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Information on partners

Local missions, Pôle Emploi job centres or the Municipal Employment Offices of your commune.