Natural areas

Outstanding natural sites

Take some time to explore the many natural areas preserved and developed by the metropolitan area. Mont Faron and its 400 hectares of forest offer one of the region's most extensive green spaces. The Salins d'Hyères salterns (Vieux Salins and Salin des Pesquiers), both owned by the coastal conservation agency (Conservatoire du Littoral), teem with biodiversity. Walk some of the 52 km of coastal path between Six-Fours and Hyères to enjoy outstanding views at any time of the year.

Mont Faron, the "green lungs" of the metropolitan area

Mont Faron, height 584 metres, is the most famous of the mountains around Toulon; its 400-hectare forest offers a wide range of nature and leisure activities just a few kilometres from the city centre, accessed by road and cable car.  The site is developed and managed by the Office National des Forêts (ONF) forestry agency in conjunction with the city of Toulon, the REDIF company and TPM.

TPM has set itself the target of making the site accessible by public transport and of developing and protecting an asset of major importance to tourism in the metropolitan area.

The Salins d'Hyères, a wealth of biodiversity

The Salin des Pesquiers and the Vieux Salins, two separate salterns a few kilometres apart, are considered to be one of the most remarkable features of the Var coastline. Salt is no longer produced here, but the site is home to numerous animal and plant species. It is owned by the coastal conservation agency (Conservatoire du Littoral) and managed, since 2004, by TPM.

The coastal path, almost 90 kilometres of coastline from Six-Fours to Hyères

Once used by Customs officers to patrol the coastline, the coastal path is now popular with hikers and walkers all year round. Sometimes high above the sea, sometimes dipping right down to the waterside, it offers a stunning variety of landscapes. You may well cross paths with some of the wardens who patrol the path and keep a watchful eye on conditions.

A news bulletin providing walkers with information on the state of the path and walking conditions is available from the local tourist offices and can be downloaded below.

A free coastal path guidebook is also available from the local tourist offices or can be downloaded from our website.


Key figures

  • Highest point: 584 metres