Domaine de la Ripelle
The estate of La Ripelle, once a large farm, extends across the boundaries of two communes, La Valette-du-Var and Revest-les-Eaux, in a valley between the peaks of Mont Combe and Mont Faron.
Salins d'Hyères
Take some time to explore the many natural areas preserved and developed by the metropolitan area. Mont Faron and its 400 hectares of forest offer one of the region's most extensive green spaces. The Salins d'Hyères salterns (Vieux Salins and Salin des Pesquiers), both owned by the coastal conservation agency (Conservatoire du Littoral), teem with biodiversity. Walk some of the 52 km of coastal path between Six-Fours and Hyères to enjoy outstanding views at any time of the year.
Salins d'Hyères
Considered to be one of the most remarkable features of the Var coastline, the salterns or Salins d’Hyères site is made up of two elements a few kilometres apart: the Vieux Salins pans and the Salin des Pesquiers. In order to preserve these unique natural sites, in 2004 the Toulon Provence Méditerranée metropolitan area took over responsibility for the management, maintenance and development of the site, which is owned by the coastline conservation agency (Conservatoire du Littoral).
Contrats de baie
The Contract for the Bay of Toulon is an overarching scheme to restore the quality of the waters and the aquatic environments of the Bay and its catchment area. The 2002-2009 Contract involved 160 scheduled initiatives and over 30 partners. It resulted in 114 initiatives completed (71% of the total), 23 in progress (14%) and 24 not completed (15%). A second Contract for the Bay of Toulon is currently on the drawing board. While the new five-year programme offers an opportunity to put the finishing touches to some of the objectives initially undertaken, it is primarily designed to respond to new European priorities on water quality. Bay Contract no. 2, due for signature in the summer of 2013, will benefit from the concerted momentum and experience built up under its predecessor.